Human hair extensions can be treated very much like your own hair. Taking care of you hair extensions will extend longevity. When sweat and dirt build up it can cause tangles. Use a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Detangle your hair first from the ends to the roots before shampooing. Always wash your hair gentle in a downward motion (from the roots to the ends). Rubbing can cause the hair to tangle. When done rinse the hair thoroughly. once the hair has been thoroughly rinsed, use a generous amount of moisturizing conditioner. Use a wide tooth comb to distribute conditioner. It is important to condition your hair extensions. Conditioning helps with detangling and adds moisture . Thoroughly Dry your hair,  remove any excess water with a towel, gently move in a downward motion from roots to ends and allow the hair extensions to air dry. You may use a blow dryer – set on cool or low heat temperature



Just like your real hair,  human hair extensions can also be colored, highlighted, straightened, curled, washed, blow-dried, and just about anything else you can imagine. Keep in mind that just like your real hair over processing your human hair extensions can make the hair dull and lifeless. The use of too much heat and over bleaching can cause your extensions to be brittle and damaged.

Keep heat to a minimum. Avoid using heat tools without heat protection, especially on the ends. 

Hair styling products

Use a good (leave-in) conditioner to keep your hair soft. Don't over do it. To much conditioner or any other hair care product can cause a build up and tangling. Avoid hair products that contain alcohol. Alcohol makes hair dry. 

Hair treatments

When you would like to perm or color your hair extensions, don't do it yourself. Let your extension stylist take care of all chemical treatments you would like to do. When dying your extensions we recommend deep conditioning the hair after the dying process to help protect the hair from drying. Poor quality dye products will damage the hair. Bleaching your extensions is a damaging process.  



DON'T sleep on wet hair. Make sure that your hair is completely dry when you go to sleep. A good habit is to tie your hair together in a ponytail to prevent tangling as much as possible. It should be secured at night, either under a satin cap or scarf. 



The best hairstyle for doing so is a high ponytail or bun, and you could also wear a headband to help keep your hair dry. Sweat is acidic and can dry out and damage your hair extensions. Avoid long exposure to chlorine and salt water. Chlorine and salt water can cause the hair to tangle and mat up. It is recommended to wear a swim cap if possible or wear your hair up to keep it out of the water. After swimming it is best to shampoo and condition your hair immediately.